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I LIVE! .... kind of.

I haven't updated this in ages, have I? Might as well remedy that now.

What's run down since mid-February:

1) My aunt has moved in with my mother and me, instead of just staying with us until she recuperated from open-heart surgery. She's STILL recuperating some, since a big metal plate in the chest and screws in the collarbone and shit is kind of tough when you're a wildly-uncontrolled diabetic. She did quit smoking though, thank GOD.

2) Raising eight puppies to an age to be given to new homes is HARD. Very hard. Very rewarding, don't get me wrong- I love the little buggers and we're keeping two of them. But eight of them running wild pooping and peeing and chewing up shoes and being weaned and one getting deathly ill (had to hand-feed him for a week, he's fine now, but it was a close call) and their mother nearly dying from mastitis and calcium deficiency (despite the calcium supplements).... yeah.

3) My aunt's been in the hospital, my mother's been in the hospital... lots of doctors visits. LOTS of them.

4) And what made me drop out of Amat- two weeks ago my uncle had a MASSIVE stroke that destroyed the right side of his brain. He's got a huge blockage in his carotid artery that they can't remove, two more blood clots in his left arm, and some suspicious masses in his chest that appear to be late-stage lymphoma. They had to remove a large chunk of his skull on the right side to allow his brain to swell, and he's being kept mostly comatose to keep him from moving around and hurting himself. It'll be months before he gets out of this hospital, and then it'll be to a rehab hospital for a while longer.

Assuming, of course, that the cancer or an infection or a blood clot or something else doesn't kill him first.

Right now my life is like this- either I stay home alone with the dogs (five of them) and keep the house straight, job hunt, and play phone operator for all the people and such calling through... or I go to the hospital for about ten hours and wait there and hope to see a doctor. Either way, there's a lot of family infighting and stupidity and I'm just exhausted.

And I'm planning to jobhunt in California mid-June. So I gotta prep for that.

... I swear, one day I'll post some puppy pics or something to make it up to people, but right now I am just wiped out. x_x
I'm home.


Now somebody tell my aunt that I am not her dogs' personal poop patrol. Dx


BJDs, LadySaiyuki, and Copying

This won't apply to a lot of you, but for those of you on here who do collect, please take the time to check out the following website: Lady Saiyuki Copying Dolls? It compiles information taken from multiple sources, including Den of Angels, Mint on Card, and Asleep Eidolon, regarding the fact that this dollmaker has blatantly made minor modifications to an existing company's sculpt and claimed it as her own.

Why am I posting this? Because the word needs to get out. Copying is a serious issue in the fandom, and LadySaiyuki is not doing herself any favors by calling foul on everyone else but herself when the evidence is so overwhelming. Asleep Eidolon has confirmed that it is a mod of their Pear sculpt, and Mint on Card has confirmed that LS bough two Pear heads from them before she began sculpting this new doll.

I'm kind of pissed about that because I've had a fair amount of dealing with Mint on Card. I bought my first doll- a Fantasy Doll Kemi- from them at the first ResinCon, before they had their website even set up, and I've bought from them in-person and by mail. They've always been personable, kind, and very friendly. They are the official US dealer for Asleep Eidolon, so she had to go through them. LS slinging mud at them is grossly unfair, as they are merely translating and protecting the products and companies they represent.

... this is some massive tl;dr over dolls, I know, but. Take a look at the first link if you're skeptical. The photographic evidence and EXIF data is pretty damning.

brb putting on moar clothes SO FUCKING COLD KADGKJADLKJAGFKKJ




They hit me in the passenger side and dented the door and part of the main car frame. T_T I was pulling into a parking lot when she just decided to try and peel out and WHAM. It's not huge, but it jarred me and my shoulder and neck are stiff on that side and MY CAR IS DENTED AND SCRATCHED IT'S MY CAR AND MY CAR IS MY BABY bawww.


I think the world kind of hates me right now. WELL, FUCK YOU TOO WORLD.


So tired.

Mom had to be run to the ER earlier this evening. She was visiting my brother and fell down his front steps- she broke her right hand, bruised her head all to hell, scraped up both hands, and has horrible knots and scrapes on both knees. ER doc gave her Percocet, so she's stoned and sleeping now, but god, she is going to be in so much pain tomorrow.

She's so close to retirement, Thanksgiving is around the corner, the house needs to be cleaned, I've got a migraine, and I can't leave her alone but I'm supposed to drive up to Glasgow to pick up my aunt and.... augh. I'm so worried. And so tired. She's going to be in bad shape tomorrow and I hate seeing her in pain. I just... I dunno. I had a point in here somewhere and I've forgotten it.

Give me a damned BREAK already.

The night before last I began feeling my heart skipping beats and fluttering oddly. I thought it was just my arrhythmia acting up, and I fell asleep. Woke up the next morning still feeling nervous and fluttery and with muscle twitches in my neck and head. My BP was fine, my blood sugar was fine... I figured it was a panic attack and took and extra Xanax. It helped a little.

But when the feelings didn't go away, I went to the ER. And passed out five feet from the fucking ER doors.

So they pack me in and get me on heart monitors and draw blood and X-ray my right elbow, as it took the brunt of the impact and swelled up and HURT LIKE FUCK... and everything came back negative. My bloodwork looked perfect (heart enzymes, etc. were absolutely perfect, according to the doctor), the heart monitor showed no arrythmia at all even though I swore I could feel it....

Basically, I was having the panic attack from hell. Oh, and I busted my elbow pretty badly from passing out on the concrete and they couldn't rule out a hairline fracture.

In other words, I'm having a miniature nervous breakdown from all the fucking stress.

Fuck me running.











OK, home from Louisville and two job interviews that went... exceptionally well, actually. :D Except that I'm now exhausted from the drive.

I'd do the character meme going around, but... I only have the two. xD; So it'd be kinda pointless. Unless people want to just ask random RP-related questions or something. idk.

Can you tell I'm half-asleep? 8D; BEDTIEMZ NAO, NIGHT NIGHT. <3



IN LOUISVILLE NOW. Will be in Cincinnati tomorrow visiting driley1 :D

But for now, meme~

The "You Should Write..." Meme!
my thread here

... oh god my foot hurts wryyyyy